Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal

Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal

While talking about skincare or indulging in its experience, we come across many various varieties of information all from different sources such as a face-to-face conversation or just surfing away through the internet results, in search of the perfect solution to achieve the perfect skin. On this journey to get our desired, the all-famous glass skin look, we run into hundreds of myths about skincare, that serve as only that, false myths. But that also does not mean we never come across true and tested facts about it either. But since this generation of internet has made almost anything believable, today, with the help of this blog we will differentiate and scroll through the actual myths and facts about skin care. 

To start with, for beginners as well as experienced ones, we must understand what skin care really is and why it is so necessary. Skincare, in the simplest of words, is the process of taking care of the condition and appearance of your skin. And why is it important? Skin care is important on so many levels starting with the fact that it acts as the ultimate barrier of protection, and shielding it from harm also means shielding the inner bones and muscle structure of your body. Skin care also gives you protection from further skin damage from sun exposure, dust, pollution, premature aging, etc., and having good skin health means boosting your confidence in terms of appearance. Hence, skincare should be a must in your daily schedule, and if you still are questioning if you should do it, your answer is take the step now!

Now that we know what skin care is and how it benefits you, let’s understand what are the myths and facts about skincare, shall we? Myths of skincare are either ancient traditional ideas that were believed to be helpful for skin in former times, or just false, unnatural ideas that started spreading among people and do not have any solid proof that it can actually work. We all definitely came across the many “natural techniques” to achieve the desired skin but have failed miserably with skin breakouts or no effect at all, haven’t we?

But to its cure, there are always facts you can rely on like tested ingredients and proven methods that can help you get that dream skin. Keep reading to know what to believe and what is just a myth!

Myths about Skincare

As mentioned earlier, we often have read a post about such myths that can magically repair your skin overnight. Truth is, it cannot. Skin care too requires discipline and consistency to benefit you with proper results with the help of the right products. Here we will discuss common myths that can harm your skin unknown to your knowledge on a daily basis!

  • “You don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days”

Very, very untrue and not to mention harmful to your skin. The UV rays of the sun can cause deep-rooted damages to your skin and can also heighten further blemishes. Sun rays directly falling on your skin can cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging of skin, dark spots, freckles, tanning and pigmentation, and these effects are irreversible, hence sunscreen should be your must, every day. Sunscreen with a good number of Spf creates a protection barrier for your skin, safeguarding your skin from the sun. Therefore, rule number 1 – always wear sunscreen and keep reapplying every 2-3 hours.

  • “Expensive products are always better”

Not every expensive product can promise you the skin you wish for. Your lookout should be products with the right ingredients for your skin type as recommended or suggested by your trusted dermatologist, preferably from a good and reputed brand, regardless of its price range. Remember, you can get the right and effective skincare product for your skin no matter your budget. 

  • “Natural ingredients are always safe”

Yes, natural ingredients do give a safe boundary in skin care but again, not for everyone. Every being has a different skin type or condition hence the product ingredients naturally differ. Many natural ingredients may not be effective or harmful for your skin type too. Medically curated products are launched after many tests and are made available in the market. It too can be safe for you, if you choose the one with the right ingredients that suit your skin. 

  • “You should only use products for your specific skin type”

To a limit, it is true and much safer to use products that are suitable for your specific skin type, but you never know what gem can change your entire skincare journey if you don’t try out other products. Many other products other than the ones customised for your specific skin type can better or even benefit you more. Hence it is always good to try out first.

 [NOTE-  make sure to read the ingredients behind your skin care packaging before application. In case of any irritation post applying the product, immediately wash the applied area with cold water and don’t use it in the future anymore.]

  • “Oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser”

Oily skin can become even more oily if it is not given the hydration of moisturiser [without any oil content], and can further lead to harmful acne, whiteheads, and milia. This gives rise to skin problems and makes your skin appear unhealthy. Gradually, the natural intact oil on your skin is slowly damaged due to this. Therefore, after a good cleansing, be sure to apply a hydrating moisturiser. 

Well, these are some common skincare myths that you must look out for in your daily life! Now let’s move on to the facts about skin care.

Facts about Skin Care

The facts are those you must apply to your daily skincare regime to achieve the better skin you desire for. Let us survey through the many skin care facts to understand what actually benefit your skincare journey!

  • “Sunscreen is essential every day, regardless of the weather”

Yes, yes, yes! As we discussed earlier too, the involvement of sunscreen every day in your skincare protects your skincare from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It shields your skin barrier with a layer of protection that ensures the rays do not enter your skin cells. Moreover it helps by reducing tanning, dark spots and the occurrence of premature ageing signs. Without the existence of sunscreen in your routine, the many products you apply are all useless without protection. Hence, don’t forget to follow rule number 1 – apply sunscreen daily [and yes, regardless of the weather type]

  • “The price of a product does not always indicate quality”

A very true factor! No matter the price, always remember the right ingredients are the ones that form the skin care product, not the price of it. Good skin care comes at every price and budget. Hence, just because it stands expensive, it can never mean it is effective.

  • “Some natural ingredients can be irritating or harmful”

Even though natural ingredients are worshipped widely when it comes to skincare, it does not always guarantee the outcome will be good. Many natural ingredients, if not suitable for your skin, can cause irritation, skin burns, or even harm your skin texture. Thus, it is always safe to attain the suggestions of a dermatologist for the best results, chemically or naturally.

  • “Moisturiser is important for all skin types, including oily skin”

Moisturiser can help you regain your skin hydration and plump after the process of cleansing away dirt, pollution, and excess oil. But if you have oily skin, even then you must apply moisturiser for it ensures oil control on your face, avoids problems such as acne and whiteheads, and keeps your skin healthy. Using a hydrating moisturiser can benefit you with soft and luminous skin, all in the process of keeping the natural oils of your skin intact.

  • “Some products can work for multiple skin types”

Even though more than half the skin care products launched in the market are preferred for only a specific skin type, you can always, with the assistance of a dermatologist, try out new products with ingredients that can help your skin type too. Hence, even in your skincare area, explore new regimes with new products!

With all that we have covered the very common myths and facts about skincare that we come across in our daily lives. 

 How to Identify Skin Care Myths

Being simple and mere human beings, we are mostly unaware of myths and facts about skincare and are often tempted towards methods that end up turning out as a myth. Hence, listed below are the few ways you can use the resources available to you to identify such myths.

  • Check reliable sources for information about skin science and skincare knowledge.
  • Be very aware of exaggerated claims or miracle cures that say to be working overnight or give you clear skin with one use.
  • Consult a dermatologist or other skin care professional for expert guidance and assistance in the matter. 

It is always wise to fact-check everything that involves your skin and body to be sure and ensure the desired and correct outcome. This way we can avoid silly mistakes in our regimes that can cause immense harm.

Now you know, not only the myths and facts about skincare but also why skin care is so important, and how it benefits your overall appearance as well as build healthier skin for the future! 

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