Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal

Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal

You know you want that healthy-looking, shiny, voluminous, glossy, bouncy hair but don’t know how to get bouncy hair? Worry not because this blog will tell you the secrets of how to get bouncy hair and enjoy every season with gorgeous, healthy hair!

Bouncy Hair: A sign of Healthy Hair!

Bouncy hair is not just the healthy outlook that makes hair and hairstyles all the more better, but a massive sign of healthy hair from the insides. This kind of hair does more than just add layers and body to the hair structure but also can be an element for determining hair health. Bouncy and frizz-free hair is a sign of rebounded, barrier-protected hair that can give you the naturally effortless look as well as a healthy scalp. And how to get bouncy hair? Well, we are coming to that soon!

Hair problems that reflect negatively on the bounciness of hair:

The factors that lead to prevent the healthy bounce in hairs can range from product residue build up to even unconditioned hair, from dehydrated hair roots to excess moisture in hair or scalp region, overuse of heat and many other reasons. And year long, with the changes in weather and seasons, our hair repeatedly goes through changes that naturally affects the hair habitat to not only cause it to lose its bounce but also drown into many more hair problems.

So how can you take care of those problems and manage your hair better? This blog is a solution to that! We will discover from simple to complex methods to avoid hair damage and keep its bounce intact. So are you ready to fight the hair enemies and reach your most beautiful, healthy and bouncy hair? Keep reading to find out the many ways of how to get bouncy hair!

Understanding Bouncy Hair

Solution comes from understanding the roots of its cause, so before we dive into finding out how to get bouncy hair, let us first understand what bouncy hair means and what are its characteristics! 

Definition of bouncy hair

Bouncy, resilient hair is a part of the characteristics for healthy hair that has a strong elasticity, referring to your hair’s natural stretch and rebound quality. 

Bouncy hair defines frizz free, soft and nourished hair that has an energetic and springy nature. Bouncy hair not only looks good on the outside, but also means your natural hair is healthy, repaired and beaming from the inside.

But what is the cause behind loss of bounciness in hair?

Hair bounce depends on many factors such as hair texture, treatment regulation, hair density and growth. Loss of hair bounce can also be caused due to the excessive use of heating tools, hair colour, body toxins, surrounding weather, dietary factors and hair cosmetics. Now let us discuss these above reasons behind loss of hair bounciness to understand the do’s and don’ts!

Hair texture and type affecting bouncy hair

The type of hair you have and the texture it holds plays a massive role in achieving bouncy hair. Curly, straight, wavy, coily hair types of hair along with scalp differences act as the primary source of loss of bounciness in hair. All the types of hair may undergo frizzy and rough hair due to its texture and according to the care taken for it. Hence it is very important to understand your hair type and texture, and then move forward with products or hair cosmetics.

Hair care routine and products usage affecting bouncy hair 

Depending on the hair hype and texture, hair care products and ingredients too differ, just like in the case of skin care. Why some kinds of hair and scalp would require moisture or hydration while the other kind would need exfoliation. Hence, according to your hair needs, a routine should be curated to maintain it. 

While that is the case, there is another factor that can affect the bounce health of your hair. Product residue or build up can be another source of loss of bounciness in hair, because it may clog the roots or even make your hair too slick due to overuse, which can prevent your hair from free flowing into a healthy bounce. 

Hence just like too little is harmful, too much is equally harmful!

General Lifestyle and dietary habits affecting bouncy hair 

Did you know using the right ingredients or hair care products is not enough to maintain healthy, bouncy hair? Bouncy hair also depends on lifestyle habits and regular diet. Hence to achieve healthy, bouncy hair, one must follow this:

  • Balanced diet with proper nutrients and nourishments
  • Drink an adequate amount of water
  • Avoid smoking or drinking
  • Avoid touching your hair too much or keeping it open for longer while

These simple steps enhance your hair outlook inside out, giving it that soft, bouncy health.

Hair Care Practices for Bounciness

How to get bouncy hair goes often unanswered among the many other hair-related questions. What we don’t understand is that bouncy hair is not just like an accessory for beautiful hair, it is an indication of healthy, strong hair. So how to get bouncy hair effectively? Here are some additions your hair care routine needs to give you bouncy supple hair!

Practices that are a must in your journey of how to get bouncy hair!

  • Your “how to get bouncy hair” journey starts with keeping your hair and scalp dirt free and clean. Using an anti-frizz, hydrating shampoo that keeps your hair silky, soft and does not wash away your natural, protecting oil is a must for how to get bouncy hair. Keeping your hair and scalp clean leads to unclogged scalp, nourished roots and free-flowing hair.
  • Next up is dosing your hair with the right kind of moisture to keep it safe from frizz, roughness and split ends. Using a protein hair mask weekly and leave-in-conditioner or serum after every shampoo shower routine can help with keeping your hair from breakage. Oiling with coconut oil or castor oil or rosemary oil 30 minutes before shampoo can also help achieve bouncy hair by nouturing hair roots. 

But here are some don’ts you must follow to get bouncy hair!

  • Avoid overdoing shampoo.
  • Squeaky clean hair or too much moisture in hair is not good either, so don’t wash your hair everyday.
  • Avoid heat styling regularly.
  • Use heat protectant while using heat on your hair.
  • Avoid blow drying. In case of emergency, use the cool setting for blow drying. 
  • Avoid touching your hair often.
  • Avoid using everything you see on the internet.

But even with these steps, one step is very vital and the key for how to get bouncy hair. Did you guess it right? Let’s see!

Conditioning for bouncy hair

Yes, conditioning is a very very important part that should be a must to get bouncy hair. After every shampoo session, be sure to condition your hair, but how to do it? Come along, we’ll show you!

Conditioning tips and tricks for optimal hair care

  • Use a conditioner according to your hair type and needs.
  • Apply condition only to your hair lengths
  • Avoid using conditioner on the scalp as it may clog it.
  • Ensure applying conditioner to the ends to avoid split ends.
  • While washing it off, be sure to wash it properly to ensure no product build up takes place.

But why is conditioner so important? Keep reading to find out!

Conditioning benefits

Conditioner is the key for how to get bouncy hair and here is why:

  • Restored moisture after every wash
  • Nourishes hair from within
  • Keeps hair hydrated for longer period of time to ensure bouncy hair
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Controls frizz and roughness
  • Keeps hair soft and silky

And that is why the condition is a must part in how to get bouncy hair! Although, did you know that you can achieve the same bouncy hair temporarily with hair styling tricks? Next up, How to get Bouncy Hair Ft. Styling Techniques!

Styling Techniques for Bouncy Hair

Though temporary, Heat Styling techniques are an easy solution to get bouncy hair on the go, in just minutes! Find out what heating techniques and tricks are the best for how to get bouncy hair!

How to get bouncy hair Ft. Styling Techniques 

  • Use the blow drying method, preferably on cool settings, with your hair upside down for volume.
  • Use curling iron or heatless curlers to get bouncy curls.
  • Backcomb your hair for that extra added bounce.
  • You can also style your hair in ways that make it look voluminous or get a haircut with bangs, swaps or layers to achieve a fluffy hair look.

While these techniques are great, don’t forget to use heat protection before using heat styling tools and a good hair spray post-styling to lock the bounce in!

Protective Hairstyles for Bouncy Hair

How to get bouncy hair is not only a process including treatments and products, but also protective steps that keep the bounce intact! Here are some protective hairstyles and tips to achieve healthy, bouncy hair:

  • Keep your hair untangled.
  • Put your hair in a bun with a claw clip and so on.
  • Keep your hair in ponytails or braids at night.
  • Avoid keeping your hair open for a longer period of time.

These simple yet effective and protective steps and hairstyles will not only keep your hair bounce intact but also shield it from hair fall, and pollution causing damage, and keep it nourished all along. 

Nutritional Tips for Bouncy Hair

As we mentioned before, taking care of your hair with products is just not enough to achieve that healthy bounce. Your daily dietary and lifestyle habits shape your hair health from within and here’s what you do to maintain bouncy hair:

  • Consume high protein food and healthy fats
  • Include eggs, fish, spinach and other green leafy vegetables in your meals
  • Put Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in your diet
  • Consider taking vitamins and minerals
  • Eat nuts and other dry fruits more often 

These additions are not only a great way to better your body health but also a must for how to get bouncy hair!


With that, we come to the end of discovering the many ways of how to get bouncy hair! Take a new step into hair care and unleash your best, bouncy hair with the help of this blog! Remember, your hair is just as important as your skin is.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Can bouncy hair be achieved with any hair type?

Yes, bouncy hair can be achieved for any hair type with the right treatments. 

B. How often should I wash my hair to maintain bounce?

Once a week at the most.

C. Are there any natural remedies for bouncy hair?

Yes, protective hairstyles and healthy changes in diet and lifestyle can help get bouncy hair.

D. Can heat styling tools damage hair bounce?

Yes, they can, hence it is advised to avoid it as much as possible. On rare occasions of emergency, be sure to use heat protection before it.

E. Is it possible to regain bounce after chemical treatments?

Yes, it is!

F. How long does it take to see results in hair bounce?

It depends on the ongoing treatments as well as the hair type and level of damage if any.

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